Updated Tuesday August 27, 2019 by St. Charles Girls Softball.


Coach Pitch Currently in Kind, 1st, AND 2nd
Kid Pitch Currently in 3rd and 4th

Currently in 5th & 6th

Foxtail Currently in 7th & 8th

*  Cost for Kindergarten through 8th grade will be $100. Additional girl in the same family $100.

The pitching distances will be as follows:
Kid Pitch 35 feet with a 11 inch regulation softball
Ponytail 35 feet with a 12 inch regulation softball
Foxtail 40 feet with a 12 inch regulation softball


The pitcher must begin with one or both feet on the mound.  Her first step must be forward and her right foot (or left foot if left handed) must always be in contact with the ground.